Solutions aimed at improved business competitiveness and value creation through smarter investments (internal and M&A) enabled by incisive and integrated organisational diagnostics, due-diligence, investment analytics and predictive insights. Learn more here

Solutions aimed at providing comprehensive enterprise risk analytics integrating a broad range of organisational aspects; includes delivery of automated advice, metrics and predictive insights around ERM, NFR, compliance as well as litigation related exposure for organisations. Learn more here

Solutions aimed at understanding financial and operations impact through deep ESG and climate risk integration. These solutions enable at scale interventions on ESG topics and assessment of climate change impact on business risk and investment decisions. Learn more here

Solution in Focus: climaTick™

Vyzrd's ground-breaking platform provides advance integrated analytics combining a broad range of key drivers that together determine a company’s ability to successfully achieve its sustainability and climate change related goals. The focus is on delivering a strategically effective, operationally efficient and financially prudent pathway for the company’s sustainability and climate risk management roadmaps. The platform also enables benchmarking for companies versus forward looking Climate & ESG risk scenarios. This is delivered as an actionable output that is periodically updated (annually / bi-annually) as businesses are increasingly held to account by investors and regulators for their Climate and ESG aligned economic exposures.

The system equips Board and C-suite decision makers, as well as their professional advisers, with the evidence required to demonstrate an understanding of the potential financial impairments and constraints to the business model. Implemented by the finance, strategy, risk management and sustainability functions of a company, the platform reports highlight both alignment and exposure versus forward looking scenarios, industry peers and investor expectations.

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Solution in Focus: E$G Invest

Vyzrd's ESG Invest solution is based on our proprietary analytics framework: ESG(n) Connect™. It is unique in its ability to integrate ESG with the broader business drivers and delivers unparalleled insights to institutional investors and companies that are looking to meaningfully link ESG investments with mid-long term returns.

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ESG Investing: Institutional Investor’s

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Despite concerns about the efficacy of ESG-centric investments, there is significant onus on large funds and investors to provide support for the ESG agenda, while ensuring investor mandates are met.

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Sustainable Investing - Addressing the Trust Deficit

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With sustainable investing gaining in prominence, it is imperative to assess the challenges posed by sustainable investing today and the urgent need to make ESG Ratings and disclosures more reliable and meaningful.

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