Our portfolio of solutions enables leaders to comprehensively assess the underlying business risks and opportunities of a potential investment target, customer, business partner or even their own organisation. ESG, sustainability and climate risk analytics are deeply embedded within TruQube, to provide holistic intelligence towards improved management decision making.

VyzLens™: Business Performance Acceleration

VyzLens provides a comprehensive diagnosis of the maturity level of an organisation’s business capabilities with focus on enabling mid to long term success. The platform uses a sophisticated and adaptive algorithm that is designed to cater to organisations of varying complexity, scope of operations and design, across a broad set of industries.

VyzLens is designed to provide actionable insights across multiple aspects of the business to enable more targeted investments and decision making towards improving the organisation's capability maturity, and thereby its overall business competitiveness.

VyzLens Gro is a targeted growth enablement solution, primarily aimed at the decision makers in funding institutions, Venture Capital, government institutions and other similar entities who are seeking to identify and steer Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or early growth-stage companies through improved structuring, execution and monitoring of the organisation’s business performance improvement efforts.

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RapiDD™: Integrated Target Discovery

Vyzrd’s RapiDD solution is aimed at supplementing traditional quantitative due diligence exercise with deep and comprehensive qualitative evaluation of strategic, organisational and operational business risks as well as strengths. It provides an assessment of the mid to long term business sustainability when it comes to the ability of the organisation to execute on its strategy. The analytics platform considers an impressive array of factors ranging from strategy and proposition to various other aspects such as commercial, business operations, people and organisation, technology and digital, etc.

RapiDD is targeted at early-stage analysis and is designed to provide preliminary indicators that can help the executives discover useful insights when it comes to identifying potential value drivers as well as blind spots in the target acquisition or divestiture exercise. It is particularly once contact has been established with the target and there is mutual desire to further proceed with the discussions.

The findings are also designed to help structure the commercial and operations due diligence with more clarity and specificity thereby saving costs and time while improving the outcome of such DD engagements. In the case of divestitures, it helps to prepare the seller’s management to identify areas of potential valuation pitfalls and allows them to conduct a more robust sale.

RapiDD report also provides useful inputs and planning recommendation for the 100 day plan for post-merger integration (PMI) planning.

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VyzSafe™: Risk Analytics

Vyzrd's Business Risk and Control solutions are designed to provide comprehensive risk analytics for executives looking to have a deep, integrated and comprehensive view of the risks that their business is facing. Not only does the platform identify multi-layer dependencies and implications, but it also provides a predictive view to the stakeholders. This means that the business leaders and stakeholders not only see the current and integrated state of the risk levels, but also get risk insights that prepare them for the future.

VyzSafe ERM enables organisations to rapidly produce a targeted set of metrics, insights as well as action plans to identify, measure and mitigate risks. The powerful VyzSafe ERM solution breaks organisational silos to enable rapid discovery of risk blind spots that are typically difficult to identify using standard risk management approaches. The solution also enables organisations and risk consultants to create comprehensive Enterprise Risk Register for the business or their clients while strengthening the overall ERM approach and investments.

VyzSafe de jure is aimed at enabling our clients - law firms, risk consulting firms, insurance companies etc., to leverage the full power of a cloud-based analytics platform that provides holistic and integrated view of the compliance, litigation and reputational risks facing an enterprise. VyzSafe de jure is further designed to comprehensively support both - broader as well as ESG specific compliance as well as litigation risk management.

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VyzCheck™: Corporate KYC and Credit Rating Augmentation

Current credit scoring systems are typically financials centric and as such primarily provide a future projection based on the past financial performance of a business. VyzCheck is designed to augment and work with (and not replace) existing credit scoring and investment ratings systems used by institutional lenders and investors towards building a more holistic and predictive view about a business' capabilities and related risks in the mid to long term, and therefore meet its financial obligations.

VyzCheck serves as a scalable and rapid screening platform to shortlist/ screen businesses either for credit related services or as an investment portfolio design input. VyzCheck score can also be utilised by funds and other institutional investors as well as equity research desks to strengthen their client coverage with additional insights and analytics around client and industry trends and comparatives. The platform’s TruQube™ analytics engine can identify trends and anomalies to help shape the underlying investment and credit related recommendations.

VyzCheck Gro is a tailored product for the MSME segment and early growth-stage companies that aims to add confidence and rigor to the lending as well as investment process with additional insights and blind spots discovery about the businesses.

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Vyzrd's Net Zero transition and climate risk solutions enable a broad range of climate change impact analysis for improved business strategy, investment, and risk management decisions. The solutions help in discovering the underlying transition risk exposure and measuring risks and opportunities amid move to low carbon / net-zero economy. Our solutions also support comprehensive TCFD aligned financial analysis and reporting with deep and incisive financial impact assessment for value at risk (VaR) as well as opportunity sizing.

The Net Zero transition and climate risk solutions are designed to be "decision-useful" by providing actionable insights for investment professionals, Board and C-suite decision makers, regulators as well as risk managers who are aiming to successfully navigate their organisation / portfolio companies through emerging business, operational and regulatory challenges posed by climate change.

climaTick™ enables investors and decision makers to understand forward looking magnitude of financial impact from climate risk on their business / portfolio by enabling rapid and granular bottom-up analysis. The powerful algorithms can estimate value at risk as well as enterprise risk profile evolution based on multiple principal RCP scenarios. The platform helps meaningfully link the insights to broader financial aspects such as asset impairment, fair-valuation impact and informs the need for specific additional provisions or contingencies in the investment and contracting process. Additionally, climaTick™ also helps in identifying key mitigation levers to enable organisations to proactively address climate related risks across various aspects of their business.

climaTick™ also enables an outside-in assessment for listed companies as well as portfolio companies. The solution’s unique ability to deliver outside-in TCFD guided analysis based on high level or publicly available information for a listed entity makes it indispensable for asset managers and portfolio strategists. The analysis focuses on VaR, opportunity and shareholder value impact assessment through meaningful financial metrics such as dividend yield impact.

Learn more about how our Net Zero transition and climate risk solutions can help your organisation navigate climate risk with confidence and deliver competitive advantage.

E$G Invest™: Calibrated Returns and Sustainability

Vyzrd enables integration of the organisation’s ESG agenda to all key business drivers, enabling institutional investors to pursue a calibrated ESG strategy, where their ESG investments are meaningfully linked to mid-long term returns.

In addition, Vyzrd's ESG solutions are designed to comprehensively support advisory firms, institutional investors, investment managers as well as end clients in driving meaningful and deep engagement on TCFD based analysis and SFDR compliance assessment as well as remediation planning and execution.

E$G Invest provides an overview of the organisation's maturity across the Environmental, Social, and Governance pillars and also the 'Value Creation Potential' across each of these pillars. The solution enables investors and management to rapidly gain holistic understanding about the business performance potential of their target investment(s) or own organisation, and effectively steer ESG investing focused on improving mid-long term returns, and also drive deep and comprehensive engagement on ESG agenda.

E$G Deep Dive Due Diligence (4D) solution is designed to not only enable deep diligence around the broader ESG agenda as well as specific ESG metrics of an organisation, but also to deliver integrated analytics for investors, advisors and organisations that are aiming to strengthen their Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) compliance or align with SASB compliance requirements.

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