Vyzrd is an enterprise collaboration centric SaaS platform. It enables multi-level data gathering and analytics capabilities with a plug and play ease of use. It drives rapid yet comprehensive assessment of an organisation’s capabilities with industry leading analytics and reporting designed for enhanced decision-making support. The platform hosts a synergetic set of solutions designed to significantly enhance analytics capabilities and accelerate ROI. It intelligently adapts to account for an organisation’s sector, size, complexity and a host of other specificities thereby ensuring relevance and applicability of insights.

More about Vyzrd Platform

Our platform is uniquely differentiated in several ways to deliver cutting edge analytics and impact for our clients across the entire range of our solution portfolio.


The platform is designed to comprehensively capture the value chain aspects of a business, irrespective of the industry type(s) the business is engaged in. It takes into account a variety of business implications emanating from the relevant value chain activities and produces insights that holistically address decision making priorities.


The Vyzrd platform is uniquely differentiated in its ability to ingest a very comprehensive set of data points and in integrating them to produce actionable insights. The algorithm is designed to obtain multi-level data inputs to reflect appropriate organisational and functional relationships. This allows the platform to create a powerful and integrated view of the business capabilities, risks, investment priorities and value creation potential.


The dynamic algorithm is designed to address the specificities of the type, sector, size and complexity of an organisation and adapts to each organisation while ensuring that the full capability of the platform is utilised when it comes to the diagnostics and recommendations. This is done while ensuring integrity of the analysis without compromising on the quality and the depth.


TruQube is the Vyzrd platform’s proprietary analytics engine, that is powered by AI. The engine is designed to continuously adapt to a business’ evolution and factor in different elements of the value chain, operating characteristics and related best practices. Consequently, the engine ensures that the algorithm and the output are relevant in today’s dynamically evolving environment. However, what makes TruQube unique is its ability to organically integrate ESG across the full range of analytics. This allows Vyzrd to dynamically integrate complex aspects such as Climate Risk and long-term sustainability across all relevant solutions in our portfolio.

Easy to use

Ease of use is at the core of the platform design and is entrenched in every step including platform access, data capturing and ultimately the analytics and results. The platform ensures that for both users and decision makers, the focus is on ensuring easy deployment, intuitive use and a collaborative model. With its ability to produce high quality executive ready reports, the platform provides tools for executives to bring immediate and tangible improvements to executive decision making.

Agile delivery

The platform has been designed to cater to multiple types of users across a variety of use cases. In addition to organisations looking to conduct self-assessments, the platform also provides management modules to enable organisations to conduct independent third-party assessments for portfolio entities, investment targets, for their own organisation and so on. Furthermore, the platform can also be easily used by conglomerates to conduct assessments across group companies.

Mid to long term focus

Vyzrd’s assessments are designed to effectively build a holistic and predictive view about a business’ capabilities and related risks in the mid to long term. This enables senior executives to periodically reassess organisational readiness to deliver on strategy, and course correct as necessary.

Industry leading data analytics

In addition to being holistic in its coverage, the platform also enables evaluation of each area in significant depth, by considering an exhaustive set of 1,500+ organisational data points. Furthermore, the AI powered algorithm also factors in multi-layer interdependencies between parameters to be able to generate rich insights.

Results oriented

Upon completion of a diagnostic, the platform enables real-time, single-click, executive-ready report generation and delivery. Insights are augmented with prioritised recommendations that enable action planning, focus, and investment into areas that will deliver maximum business performance impact.